[5G/5.5G] Continuum 2.0 *Release*

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27 Jul 2009, 11:25# 1

Hace meses que no me pasaba por iPW/iPH (mas que nada porque ya no tengo iPod) y me encontre con este firm (la actualizacion del Continuum) asi que lo posteo para que lo sepais y los que querais lo probeis.

kris.11.92 escribió:Continuum 2.0


We'd appreciate it if you helped us tip Engadget, or Gizmodo on this hack. Please spread the word as much as possible.

It all started four months ago on December 25, 2008. Continuum 1.0 debuted at precisely 12:00 AM and since then, has received over a staggering 4,000 downloads. And now, Woodward and I would like to present the SEQUEL to Continuum 1.0. Here it is.


Build: We've taken Continuum 1.0 and morphed it. Not only did we build on 1.3 Firmware, we even made the first ever Custom TBH 2.0 build on 1.3 firmware. Not to mention there is absolutely no lag in any of the menus and screens, nor on the Now Playing.

Design: We listened. And we responded. With Continuum 2.0, we took all the suggestions into consideration, while ingenuity and creativity brought it to life. We were successful in creating a Video Now Playing that is finally seamless in performance. We also challenged impossibilities with implementing a half-screen lockscreen. Continuum 2.0 has a stunning Main Menu with 7 enlarged icons, making it much more easy to theme as well as use than the previous 11 small options in Continuum 1.0 that made it cramped for the user. Also, unlike Continuum 1.0, Large Album Art has finally made it to the table!

Themes: Currently available in Ablaze, and Continuum, made custom by Kris.11.92


Sorry guys it's outdated, selector on Continuum 2.0 won't be compatible with icons lined up in old PSD. it won't be hard to copy and paste your work into the new document though DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHMENT FOR PSD.



Redownload the firmware as usual. The files have been overwritten on the server.

New in 2.0.2:
- Users may now switch languages to Spanish and the icons still function correctly
- Ablaze lyrics menu is now fixed
- Users may now switch languages to German and the icons still function properly. Thanks to MMT for translating some phrases

Legal (as written in the Legal Section of Continuum 2.0):

1. The Continuum™ brand is a product of the pear logo. All firmware material is under the propriety of Kris Mendoza and Brian Woodward. No part of this firmware may be modified, altered, or distributed without the consent of its proprietors. Copyright © 2009 Kris Mendoza and Brian Woodward. All rights reserved
2. We would like to thank our testers and everyone who made this possible: DJ Dutrow, Ian González, Nathan Navarro, Jesse Carter, and Erich Mundt.
3. iMage Editor™ and iPNG™ is made and owned by Fawkes Software. Copyright © 2008-2009 Fawkes Software. All rights reserved
4. F-Default® is a registered trademark of DJ Dutrow. Copyright © 2008-2009 DJ Dutrow. All rights reserved
5. Version 2.0.2 + Spanish and German support

Important Instructions:

1. Download Continuum 2.0 and save it to your desktop, and extract it.
2. Download iPodWizard 1.3 from -HERE- and open it.
3. Make sure your iPod is connected and readable by iPW
4. Open the bin file with iPodWizard and flash it to your iPod
5. **In top left corner of iPW, there is a box with the label “Firmware Information” with a table underneath with Image Checksum etc.** If 0×2D2A370B’s status is Read Only, right click and fix checksums. If its status is OK, then don’t do this step.
6. Write to iPod
7. Unplug after it has successfully written.
8. Replug quickly
9. Hard Reboot (Center + Menu) May take a few seconds to load.
10. Unplug it when you see Do Not Disconnect symbol.
11. Make sure you have Music, Photos, Videos, Extras, Settings, Shuffle Songs turned on in Settings > Main Menu

Continuum 2.0 Lite: UPDATE 4/30, Minor bug fixes
A version has been made for people who can't handle the awesomeness. In short, there are no icons and no mini-now playing, and the main menu looks like the submenus. Download the attachment, and plug them [resources, lang-24] into your iPW, with Continuum 2.0 loaded in. It works with any theme made for Continuum 2.0.

Attached Images C2 PSD.psd (454.0 KB, 1310 views)

Attached Files Continuum 2 Lite.zip (7.0 KB, 1556 views)

Links: iPW & iPH
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24 Ago 2009, 18:08# 2

hey una pregunta con este firm sirven los juegos, como hago para intalarlo no me quedo muy claro, parece que es de diferente forma que los firm anteriores

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25 Ago 2009, 19:37# 3

Muchísimas gracias es una pasada y funciona de maravilla sin ningún problema.

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14 Sep 2009, 23:31# 4

funciona genial, se agradecce, ¿Perjudica la bat?

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03 Nov 2009, 01:13# 5

como se instala esto?va a contestar alguien?

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